Monday, May 19, 2008


Claypot Fish With Yams

I pass by this place, which is near the 3rd. mile flyover from the city side, frequently and notice a change of ownership in this corner eatery; it used to be a home-cook establishment. It's its name that attracted my attention. It has a ring of prestige to it... maybe I'm associating it too much with the other Datuk. Anyway, if anyone is willing to stake his name on a product, it'd better be good, or face the consequences for generations to come.

So one fine evening, while cruising for a place to eat, we popped by this place. No, we didn't ordered its signature dish, but a less spicy one instead, plus some other dishes as well. So how well did they all go down?

Buttered Squids

For starters, the fish wasn't bad with the yams on their own. But then the chef had to spoil it all by adding too much starch (be it corn, tapioca or whatever) to the broth. It became one sticky, gooey mess. You'd have thought, there was a fire-sale on cornflour because the chef (presumably, Mr Choo) was apparently trigger-happy with the stuff; this was very evident in the next dish that followed... not only was the sauce that came with the squids slimy, but the squids were chewy too! The chef would be forgiven if he were on Nickelodeon's Double Dare show, where the green slime is the star of the show.

Paikou Rou

The above dish fared better; crispy and crunchy good, with a feel of fermented red beancurd. That was the only salvation 'cos what followed was another disappointment for a simple fried beansprout dish. The salted fish was tough and void of any of the saltiness flavor, thus making the beanspouts obsolete of any taste, save for the garlic. With a 3 out of 4 against its favor, what do you think the verdict is going to be?

Salted Fish Beansprouts


edamame said...

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Kong-Kay said...

wish i can read japanese. will try the translation later.


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