Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Kou Bak With Mui Chai

This is one of the many restaurants that nestles within the enclave of Ban Hock hospitality valley; where the hotels and eateries cluster together. I've never tried this place before, so it's like putting out the feelers to test the waters. Mind you, this is one of the popular night spots in the city center so the prices can be hazardous at times.

Baby Kai-Lan In Xo Sauce

Like most Zi-Char place, the kitchen only occupies a small back portion of the coffee shop, which is hardly visible. The person who came to take the order was competent in introducing the various specialty that they had. Somehow that evening, a simple home-cooked meal was on our mind - nothing fancy.

Midin With Chinese Red Wine

We ended up having 3 vegetables and a meat dishes. The steamed pork was under-done... it was cooked but somehow not long enough for the flavor of the preserved vegetable to permeate the meat. Furthermore, the pork belly was too oily fat and didn't have much lean parts to savor.

The XO sauce Kailan was different from the norm, and it was a refreshing new taste. The chang-chang (unadulterated) fry of the fern leaves, (Midin) accentuated by a dash of Chinese Cooking wine brought out the wholesomeness of the dish - the way it's meant to be appreciated. Lastly, the generous spread of minced meat over the deep-fried tofu complimented its almost neutral taste. One thing I noticed was that dishes were void of cornstarch as a thickening agent; a respite from the usual thick laden sauce cooking.

Deep Fried Homemade Tofu With Minced Pork

When the check came to RM47 inclusive of drinks for 4, you can rest assure that this place is not a rip-off - about RM20 for the meat, and about and RM20 for the 3 vegetables, and the rest for rice and drinks.

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