Monday, May 26, 2008


New York Chicken

This is the latest addition to Sibu's eating scene... I was there on its 3rd. day of operation. As usual, the tiny kiosk was packed with eager beavers (Su-Kus) like me. With only one person doing the food prep. and another handling the till, so you can imagine the hectic assembly process the lone girl had to put up with.

1901 is a local produced franchise, which is more along the line of pushcart-one-man operation; and hot dogs are the only items on the menu, apart from the choice of 2 flavors drinks. Basically, the simple operation has a toaster/grill for the buns, and a steamer for the hot dogs. The 2 choice of meat are chicken and beef franks. It's the different condiments and sauces the differentiate the dogs. From what I can discern for the orders we had, they were ketchup, mayo, mustard, A1 sauce and local made sweet pickle relish. No sauerkraut though.

Chicago's Beef

With only 3 stools at the counter, we grabbed the next free seating available while waiting for the food, thus providing me with the photo opportunity and some Kay-Po time; that was when I overheard the prep. girl exclaiming about putting in the wrong condiments on the order. I told her none would be wiser, since it was some new thing, and nobody would notice the slight difference in the condiments so long as the beef or chicken banger was correct.

Minnesota Bites

The setup is simplicity in itself, and yet some people would plunk down good money to have a piece of the franchise, without which the food could have been more affordable.


Anonymous said...

I remember i first tried this at GS Signature. Hate myself didn't get more.

Kong-Kay said...

i wouldn't either!


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