Monday, May 05, 2008


Curry Chicken

It's not everyday you get the offer of food at such down-to-earth price of RM2. With the worldwide shortage of rice and the escalating food price, it's a wonder you still find prices of such unbelievable value for a spiffy place, and not your roadside-squatting eatery.

Alas, these are only the promotional items of this 'quite new' establishment. They are chicken rice, curry rice and nasi lemak. Unfortunately, they were out of chicken rice when we were there for lunch before 1 (not the usual 3 p.m.), otherwise you'd see all the promotional items on this page, instead of 2 curry chicken and a nasi lemak.

Nasi Lemak With Fried Chicken

The curry is among the best I've yet tasted, enough spices to tease the buds. For its price one can't complain on its serving; but its 2 pieces of chicken with potatoes is suffice to go with the rice. The nasi lemak has all the peanuts, sambal ikan bilis, cucumber and fried chicken pieces, save for the egg, or maybe the flat salted fish. The rice has the rich coconutty flavor. The only time I had a cheaper nasi lemak than this was a 70 sen pack I bought from a Malay lady selling her stuff along the walkway of the G.P.O. (those days when I had illegally parked within the compound of St. Thomas' church, and got a few love notes too!).

Cost of 3 rice meal: RM6, and cost of 3 drinks: RM6.80. Had it not been for the offer, I wouldn't step inside this place - not that the food is bad; it's the insidious look the waitress eyeballed you as if you owe her something... tell me about it on your next visit. And Aunty Lily wonders why business is failing?!!!

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Anonymous said...

really only RM2 for the curry rice O? worth and cheap and economy too in nowadays lol..if..truth..


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