Friday, June 06, 2008


Beef Noodle Soup

There's been a rash of new openings of eateries since the last time I visited this town. At least it's a good sign that people are coming out of the shell and taste what's beyond kampua mee. Although a few has traveled this route before, this is a modest endeavor at pushing Taiwanese fare to the masses, who are accustomed to cheap food of massive proportion.

Chinese Chive Pot Stickers

As can be seen from its menu, it only offers 3 basic items with variations. We tried to ordered a different a different items of each, but was advise against it as it would be too much. This is one of the few places that the waitress knows what she's doing.

Indeed, the noodle's portion is generous. The broth has enough zing without the overpowering scent of spices. The meat would would benefit from additional simmering time. Probably we were there a bit early that morning for the meat to reach its optimal tang.

The Wor Tiak (pot sticker) wasn't too shabby either. They weren't as refined in terms of wrapping, but they are certainly better than the ones I had in the eatery 2 blocks up the road. Price-wise all items are within the range what others are charging for similar type of food. The last time I checked, the most expensive beef noodle at the hawker stall goes for RM6 nowadays... and the government advises us to change our lifestyle.


KAY said...

That does look like a nice bowl of beef noodle soup.

Kong-Kay said...

yes, indeed! can i have a peek at your blog?


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