Thursday, June 05, 2008


Another breakfast on the top of Sibu Central Market. Rather than having the normal Foochow stuff, we opted for a Teochew one. There are several stalls selling porridge scattered throughout the expanse of the food area, but none were open that morning except for this one. Like its name says, it's Teochew porridge, alright...

... you can still see the morsels of rice. We ordered the cheapest one listed on its display menu. At RM2.20 it's the cheapest there is at these times. However, when the bowl was delivered to our table, it's the portion you would expect in Penang - minuscule but substantial for R2D2 or Mini Me; it's robust stuff for Nui-Ka (jelly legs). You might think at RM2.20, it's cheap for a minced pork droplets porridge, like all food in Sibu, you'd be wrong. When you get to the bottom of its menu, a full-fledged porridge with pork, liver and kidney goes for RM4.50. Whereas in Kuching, you can get it for RM3.00 with Yu-Cha-Kueh too, and extra 30 sen for a poached egg. I should know... I feed on this stuff 4 mornings a week.

That price is not gonna hold for long. Why? A 1 minute drive from the traffic light to my house took a good half an hour last night. All because there is a gas station after my house, and the gas at the pump went up by 78 sens per liter as of last midnight. And I never managed to get any gas. If I did, it would take me another half hour to get home.

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