Wednesday, July 09, 2008


This can be categorized as "All You Wanted Know, But are Afraid To Ask" kind of thing. Aren't you all - the silent majority? Well, anyway, I did ask, and got this demo from Ah Chang-Soh on how to clean this tubular wonder, termed "awful, awful" by some - awfully delectable, awfully awesome!

It's a tedious task, but the ingredients used are simple - just pig's intestine and tamarind (assam jawa), or maybe some salt. That's it! It's simpler than you think.

Cut off the chunky part from the tube and discard it. Some people do eat it; in which case, remove the white sticky membrane, and slit to the middle to clean and dislodge the orangy shitty bits.

Put about 3 tablespoons of tamarind onto a deep plate with a bit of water. Rub and massage the intestine against the coarse tamarind. This will remove the slim from it exterior layer. Wash clean.

Fold the tip of one end of the intestine inside the tube. Then use a chopstick to push it through to the other end, thereby turning the intestine outside in.

Pluck and pull off the white fatty membrane on its inner wall. Use a knife to cut off the more stubborn bits. Finally rub with coarse salt and then rinse off.

Heat up a dry wok. Then run the intestine through the hot surface, making sure all sides are slightly seared. Rinse again.

Finally repeat the process of turning the intestine inside out using the chopstick. Done! Blanch in hot water before cooking it.

Above is a local preserved vegetable (Quah Chai/Kiam Chai) fried with the intestine, as done by Ah Chang-Soh. Fragrant the garlic in oil before frying the preserved vegetable. Fry for a while before adding the chopped intestine. Add water and let it simmer for about 1½ hours. Add seasoning before serving.


Anonymous said...

Wud u perhaps care to share how to make rojak paste and sotong char?

Kong-Kay said...

just take things as they come... if they don't, they are not meant to be.

Anonymous said...

You can use tapioca flour to clean instead of tamarind. Thanks for showing the steps, my butcher gave me a blank look when I asked him.

Kong-Kay said...

everyone has his/her way cleaning the stuff... use whatever that suits you best.

Anonymous said...

Is cleaning & cooking the same for small pig intestines, Chinese braised style?

Robert F. Crocker said...

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Tony Tang said...

I just use running water to clean the outside and then use a chopstick to push through to turn it inside out. Rinse with water and then pour a can of Cocacola on it in a bowl. Stir them all together and rinse off with running water and you are done.


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