Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Deep-Fried Buttered Shrimps

It is indeed good to have places like these that offer nice food with more incredible prices. In the quest for the quintessential 'tourist' seafood spot, this one, so far, has the most reasonable price. Located at the heart of the CBC, it's a rare find to unearth places with down to earth prices, even cheaper than some 'un-touristy' eateries in town.

We had the usual suspects of midin (organic ferns), fish, shrimps, crabs (local ones unavailable), clams and oyster pancake. I can't recall the amount in the check, but
remember remarking that it is the cheapest eatery of the lot; reinforcing that we came back for seconds the a few weeks later.

Curry Bamboo Clams

Fried Belacan Midin

Oyster Omelet

Crispy Soft-Shell Crabs

Thai Style Black Promfret

The easiest way to get to this place, if you're driving, is drive up to level 5, the last top floor of the car park. The nearest stairway leads to the seafoods floor above, and this stall's seating is next to stairwell. Most people would have missed this place or "snatched" along the way by other food stalls 'cos it's on the other far end, a route less traveled. Had it not been for our Muslim relatives, we would never have ventured this far. A lot of tour groups patronize here as could be seen by the number of foreign faces at nearby tables. All the stalls here are certified halal; regardless of race or creed of the person behind the wok, the food are all quite generic, and the service can be termed as competitive. It all boils down to price.

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