Friday, July 18, 2008


Poached Cockles

Having been slashed left, right and center this afternoon for lunch, I think 'cautious' would be an understatement when it comes to ordering fresh seafood in this neck of the woods. Even though the prices are stated, it gonna be like a box of chocolate - you never guess what you gonna to get when the bill comes. Hence, it was with guarded apprehension that our honcho carefully scoured for our evening's grub which were on display in the aquariums and iced trays, alive or otherwise.

This place comes highly recommended by a local, actually a Foochow from Sibu. It had been featured in the Star newspaper; its write-up is reproduced to huge sail-size buntings, and proudly hung outside the eatery as self-promotion and greet its customers with its "we've got mentioned" haughtiness. The boss, Mr. Wong, and this eager assistant pull out all the stops to make us feel very welcome; did we ooze the smell of suckers again? The hospitality looked genuine though as there was no charge for the last of our 4 booty of wine.

Fried Snails (Chuk-Chuk Lay) in Sweet & Hot Sauce

Steamed Clams

Claypot Fish With Yam

Deep-Fried Home-Made Tofu

Beans Quartet

Deep Fried Calamari

The fish wasn't a live one, but fresh nonetheless. Needless to say the shell fish were all live and fresh. The meal looked light but just right. Its cooking style is commendable from its hot, lips stinging snails to its delectable crisp calamari, the perfect accompaniment to the last of our wine lugged all the way from K.L. and Sibu. And the cost? It was a mere RM300 plus for 2 tables (17 pax.), a ¼ of what we paid for lunch at Semporna that day. This is no tourist trap... it lives up to its reputation, with genuine good food, and at a great price!

The assistant (left) was one helpful chap; towards the end of the evening we only learnt that he's a fellow Sarawakian from Sarikei. When prodded, he pointed to us a reliable place to have breakfast; the
Tam-Chiak journey continues...

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