Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's not who I am underneath...but what I do that defines me

If you can't wait until Thursday for the release of Batman: Dark Knight, head on down to your video store to get a copy of Batman: Gotham Knight; 5 compelling stories, with equally stylish Japanese animation to boot. This is not your average Saturday cartoon. Parental guidance is advised.

* I'm in the midst of upgrading my computer, from a Xeon twin processors which I used since my school days (cira 2002), to a Quad core. I'm still fumbling my way with Vista, fine-tuning my applications. Some of the switches got turned on, and invariably prevented some applications to run. I think I've got my problems with Blogspot and Photobucket solved.
3 weeks away and before I got home, I got a call from my credit card provider persistently demanding payment for a 9 days overdue statement, which I haven't seen. I returned the card to RHB yesterday; do you feel secure with a bank that needs your RM165 badly?

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