Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I made a side trip to Sarikei on the last trip to Sibu; met up with WillChua (left) for lunch to have a fabulous crustacean delight everyone was writing about (here, here and here). This was my first encounter with the big guy, and any blogger for that matter. I asked him to meet me at Wen Wen Café, and he didn't know where it was when it's just 2 doors down from his father's shop; apparently he wasn't aware of its change of name despite having patronize the place numerous times - the things we take for granted; don't realize its significance until it's gone...

The noodle here have the usual Foochow Char-Zi (used in reverse here due to the procedure of cooking). We opted for the Tom-Yam flavor with the round yellow noodle (Hokkien noodle to some). The soup was fury hot, but still manageable ( I didn't resort to scratching my head); one would assume a Foochow town is not 'susceptible' to hot stuff - it's a fallacy - then again this is not your usual kind of town... I digress. The soup was luscious; you see the abundant lemongrass there, it had a strong citrusy tang to it. No doubt the shrimps were fresh - steeped in the soup just right to absorb essence of the Tom-Yam.

Having just said about taking things for granted... well, I was chauffered around town and the meal paid for by the good Will... I forget to take note the name of the street and the cost of the meal (impolite to ask). If you look at the above links you'll get a fair shake of where the place is at and the cost of the bowl of noodle.

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