Monday, August 04, 2008


Salted Fish With Pork Belly Claypot

This restaurant had its early start at the Travillion Mall when it was billed as a Hakka eatery by the Borneo Post, but an apologetic proprietress claimed otherwise when I first had lunch there. Then it moved to a middle shop at Jalan Song; that one I didn't try. Is this the third time lucky?

The first paragraph was written sometime ago, and left in the back burner when more relevant post came up. Last Sunday morning, I parked my car right in front of this shop and noticed that its neon sign had been removed - an ominous sign or has it moved elsewhere again?

Buttered Shrimps

One thing one would notice from its extensive menu, it ranges from Chinese to Nonya, Thai and even some unheard of pugilist style - Kung Fu Chicken; I think. it was trying too hard to please every taste buds. Then again, none of the dishes we ordered stood out as totally awesome; they totally missed out on the fragrance.

Fried Longbeans With Minced Pork

Claypot Curry Fish

Fried Kailan With Chicken and Ham

For a very nice sounding restaurant, it somehow never lived up to it namesake in its previous incarnations. Is there an afterlife? Perchance, it might be born in the year of the cat... still have 6 lives left; I have yet to find out.


Anonymous said...

Visited the place once....and the service was really slow. Thus, never go there if you are hungry.

Kong-Kay said...

service-wise, it wasn't too bad when i was there at both places... the food wasn't too compelling to make a repeat visit.


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