Thursday, August 14, 2008


Deep Fried Quail

I don't know what's with the 'halal' certification; an eatery may not use alcohol in its cooking even all of it evaporates in the cooking process, but still has a liquor license? This is what happens to this place... gone are its drunken shrimps and midin with Chinese red wine. This place has been getting a lot of West Malaysian tourists, thus its opting for the 'halal' path.

The thing about this place is that you get to see the produce of what you're going to eat before hand... so no second guessing on how the thing is going to turn out. Probably you'll know its cost before a bite is taken, if you care to ask, because everything goes by the weight.

Fried Bamboo Clams With Dried Chillies

Had this sporting Romesh from K.L. for dinner; he eats anything and everything. Nothing outlandish from its menu was ordered... just its tame normal stuff as most seafood restaurant would have, and then a few more like its fried quail; well marinated, crisp on the skin and moist inside.

Fried Belacan Midin

Another signature dish is its satay sauce crabs; actually the sauce is a cross between curry and satay sauce, deeply infused with lemongrass and peppered with ground peanuts. The sauce is best enjoyed with the fried Mantau (Chinese elongated pau) that accompanies the dish. If there are other places in town doing similar stuff to its crabs, give me the heads up, okay?

Crabs In Satay Sauce

The meal (with rice) for 4 persons inclusive of drinks was RM110.


Dr. Carolyn said...

helooooooo.. tak tahan i see the crab.. hahahahaa

anyway, do you like porridge? Have you tried the crab porridge at Central Inn coffee shop, nearby Soon Onn Furniture?

mmmm.. if you've not try it there,maybe you can try.. hopefully what i recommend is ok for you though....

Check it out... :) I personally like it. If you do go and try, then let me know what you think. ok? coolies :)

Kong-Kay said...

have done that...

although my pic. doesn't have the glorious detail of the crab like yours... don't want to stink up the shutter button of my camera.

Dr. Carolyn said...

you really expert!!! seriously!!!!

I just sooooooooooo love your blog.. hahahaha.... :D my yellow pages :D

Kong-Kay said...

thanks... bo=kek=ke... but i still need guidance now and again. i can't cover all the bases. there are lots more to cover. sometimes my kakis dislike for certain food so i have to wait for the right kakis to eat them. so far i have steered clear of smelly tofu in taiwan.


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