Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Well, as you can see, seafood koay teow soup isn't the only thing on our mind... we had Ah Yew Laksa, Lek Tau Suan (Sweet Lentil Soup) and Poh Piah (Spring roll wrap) as well. It was a Sunday and the place was packed to the brim (a little more so than normal days).

There are a few stalls within this 3 lots coffee shop that sell noodle with different variations. I think, this one is on the far right, and the Lak Tau Suan stall is behind it. The soup for the noodle is chen t'ng, but actually quite bland.

The laksa, there are a few of its branches in town, is one of the more expensive ones in town for a small shrimp serving. It has the reputation as being the original one at the old race course (present MBKS building) that sprouts a few disciples, namely the one at Cultural Inn and Sing Café (formerly Uncle).

In terms of variety, this place offers quite a lot... but for outstanding stalls that offer a taste that stands out from the rest, it begs reckoning.


Ditto said...

coincidentally, I was there last week. No doubt Ah Yew Laksa is the more famous one but I prefer the one at the cornered kopithiam in the same row.

Kong-Kay said...

it one of the few that makes it own laksa paste, and it find it too sweet in an eerie kind of way. incidentally, the old lady's laksa next the continental hotel has retired, and the new regime is not up to par.


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