Friday, September 26, 2008


This was a meal that wasn't meant to be, as we already had a light snack prior to coming to the airport. Mr. Fernandes had other plans for us... our flight had been delayed for another 2 hours despite being rescheduled to fly off 4 hours later. Why wouldn't the plane be delayed for another hour more, so that we would have RM200 as compensation for each of us?

A few moments before, this noodle bar was as quite as a church; no sooner had one discovered of the yet again rescheduled flight time, this place was teaming with activities. I'm sure the owners could use a few more flight re-timing for their benefit.

In a way, you could say there was a silver lining in every cloud... it came in a bowl of Bakso. Well, we had Bakso before, so what's so special about this one? It wasn't so much of the Bakso but the Hor Fun (rice noodle) that came with it... there's something about the water in Jakarta, more alkali in content I suppose, that makes the Hor Fun silky smooth, like the ones from Ipoh - a taste to behold. Notice the large tea cup of Sambel Olek that accompanied the 2 bowls of noodle? It's really a love affair with hot
thingy with the locals.

If you're able to get cheap fares for this destination, go for it! Shopping is great, no aggravation from your taxi drivers and reasonable fares, plus the people are graceful, contrary to any pre-conceived belief one might have, and lastly the food is simply superb!

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