Thursday, September 18, 2008


Nasi Pepes

What can you get as souvenirs from a mall that is stocked from top to bottom (all 6 levels) with batiks and handicrafts, and with staff eagerly waiting on you at a snap of the fingers? Nothing!!! That's the way it is with this mall, which bombards you with seas upon seas of local handicrafts and such... your eyes and brain will be numbed by the humongous choice.

The same story goes for its food court down the basement... thankfully it only takes up a portion of this level whereas the rest goes to a supermarket and a wares store. (Would you believe it we had better luck at the wares store... picked up a couple of tiny long bristle brushes for bottles and Saiful.) In one section of the food court, which is dimly lit, (right pic. above) there are different permutations of Indonesian dishes from the different islands - all pre-cooked and displayed on the glass counter. And the place is almost deserted saved for a couple of occupied tables. Would you eat here? Not us... when we come out on the other side, we begin to see the light and there are more diners on this sector... it looks promising... we settle for the neon-lit Indonesian food franchise... we order the first ethnic Indonesian meal of the trip.

Nasi Uduk

Nasi Gudeg

Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)

Nasi Pepes - Steamed salted fish and aromatic vegetable rice served with fried chicken, beancurd tempe and crackers.

Nasi Gudeg - Rice with chicken and stewed jackfruit (specialty of Yogjakarta).

Nasi Uduk - Coconut rice with fried chicken, fried chicken skin satay, beancurd tempe and peanut sambal.

The nasi pepes which I have, all the flavors of the vegetables sitting on top of the rice sinks into the rice. Tempe is a big feature in most of the dishes. The fried chicken tastes like any fried chicken except with the chicken floss meat sprinkle on top. The nasi gudeng is a bit like adobo chicken (tau yu bak) and the jackfruit is too sweet. The best part of it all is the sambel condiment that comes with the dish; somehow, it is different from the Malaysian sambal. The soup didn't have the strong scent of the beef or the herbs - very subtle taste.

For Saiful...

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Anonymous said...

wad's the Nasi Pepes made of?wad's the ingredians?it's looked new..tq


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