Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Shashimi Gozen

This is our last day in the city. Having visited most of the prescribed shopping malls, we thought of checking out the local Carrefour, which we had seen on the highway not far from the hotel; but the hotel staff thought otherwise. We were taken four a ride down south of the city (an added bonus to the cabby); fortunately, the fare wasn't too bad.

We had shopped at a few smaller supermarkets before, and this was by far one of the bigger ones, although a bit out of the way. It's one of my anthropological streaks to check out how other people eats and lives, plus to pick out a few unusual food items. Interesting finds: for the world's most populace Muslim nation, pork ham in sealed pack were displayed next to halal one; in the fresh chilled food section, in an open chiller, fresh pork of all fashion (ribs, bellies, fillet) were on sale, and this wasn't Chinatown. As in other supermarkets, there's no segregation for pork canned items either. One unexpected scene was the availability of freshly baked pizzas, and hot local food on chaffin dishes on an island counter... if only they had allowed me to take photos.

Unagi Cheese Age Roll

Dragon Roll


Before lunch we were through with Carrefour, we asked the sales staff to places to go for shopping, they suggested Blok M; we had been to its nearby mall a few days few, Pasar Grande.

This place turned out to offer one of the better shopping experiences we had. It's a bit like the shops at Singapore Far East Plaza that caters for the hip teens and anything in-betweens.

The architectural layout of the mall is like the Guggenheim Museum, NY., in its use of the spiral walk-flow to navigate traffic to its top level. One has to snake one's way around every shops to get to the top floor. However, there are escalators and bridges in the middle for the lazies and short-cuts.

Having done a quick survey of the eateries on its basement, we settled for this Japanese restaurant, which was decent looking by appearance; besides it offered 30% discount on all food with no string attached; even after we paid for the meal, they offered us loyalty reward points for our next visit, which we had to decline... don't know when we'll be back. If a picture paints a thousand words, then the photos on this page speak volume. For 3 potions of Pocari Sweet (pickles), 2 Miso soup (that came with the Sashimi & fried rice), one plain rice, and the rest of the stuff you see here, the bill came Rp. 155,232, which translates to RM58.

Koucha Purin (Green Tea Pudding)


cbenc12 said...

de japaense food looks so damn yummy!!! makes me drool :D

Kong-Kay said...

nice they are. wish could go back for more with those prices...

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