Wednesday, September 10, 2008


These were the crabs we bought at Tawau's fish market... all 4 kg. of them. They were cheap at RM8 per kg. These were the same crabs that they used to sell at the Sibu's bus station for RM13 per plate/kg. Truth be told, these crabs are crap... they may look big and muscular, but on the inside the flesh are all soft and wimpy. That may the reason why they are going for a song.

Anyway, all the crabs (all 4 kg. or less) were fried with eggs (before they die), and were kept in the fridge.

The ingredients used are 1 knob of ginger (julienned), 2 cloves garlic (minced), 1 red chilli (diced), 2 tbsp. Tau Cheo (fermented yellow beans) and 2 tsp. of sugar.

Add julienned ginger to 4 tbsp. of oil in a hot wok. Fry util fragrant...

Add in the minced garlic...

... follow by the diced chillies.

Spoon in the tau cheo, plus 2 tsp. of sugar.

Quickly stir around to mix and prevent burning.

Add the crabs into the wok. Toss to have them fully coated and sealed with the tau cheo mix.

Pour in 1½ cups of water. Give the crabs a few turn to moisten.

Put the lid on, and let the crabs steam and reduce its liquid for about 10 minutes.

When the crabs are almost dry, but yet moist, the dish is done.


Iris said...

Oh gosh. You made me so super hungry. It has been so so so long since i last have crabs!!! They simply looks scrumptious!

Kong-Kay said...

no reason not to go out and grab some for lunch, or for dinner tonight... instead of drooling on virtual ones.

willchua said...

Yummy. I love eating crab but hate all the hassle. Sarikei's crab are quite popular too and most of the big size crab are been sold off to Sibu.

Kong-Kay said...

it used to be cheap there once upon a time... don't know about now.

that's the fun of eating. if somebody akes the meat and feed you, where got fun?

thanks for being the postman.

babe_kl said...

wahhh banyak sedap ler!!!

Kong-Kay said...

sedap, sedap tapi "kong kong" (pincers) dia kosong konsong!


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