Monday, October 13, 2008


Boatload O' Appetizers

I know this place is renowned for its curry fish head, but we weren't having any of it... 'cos we were all backseat free-loaders on this culinary excursion. It was more about the company we had that evening rather than the food, so I was quite fuzzy on the food that we had; after having one too many... (but still i managed to get the photos out A-okay - it's all in the hands, grasshopper... and breathing technique too!!!)

Herbal Black Chicken Soup

Julian was saying that white feathered chicks lay white eggs, and brown ones give out brownies, as the waitress was dishing out this; insisting that its fact. Then I interjected that black chickens (like the one we were having) lay century eggs.

Steamed Brun-Nai Fish

I recall the fish sounded like "Brunei" when pronounced in Foochow or Hokkien; it had nice texture and sweet... comparable to the more expensive brethren... probably expensive too.

Braised Sea Cucumber With Stuffed Egg Pastry

The one above and below are some odd coupling. The fried egg white with whatever stuffing was nice by itself, but why paired with the sea cucumber is beyond me. Ditto for the clams and shrimps. It's good to eat on its own. Probably to make up the numbers... and fill up the plate. That's what it is!

Butter Shrimps With Spiced Clams

Then there was the fill 'em up dish... sure to stuff one's stomach!

Foochow Fried Noodle

If looks can kill, this surely is it! A volcano of an ice kacang... officiously pungent smelling scent from its equally vomit-inducing colors to spoil whatever thoughts of the good food we had moments ago. Can't complain too much, otherwise no freebies next time! Right, Stephen?

Mixed Shaved Ice (ABC)


Anonymous said...

Ah! Sheraton! Will be going there coming weekend. Hey! Isn't that the MAS manager? Didn't know he was in town.

Kong-Kay said...

looks like him... sounds like him...

Bengbeng said...

the braised sea cucumber with pastry looks appetizing

Kong-Kay said...

the pastry is different from the usual stuff that comes with this plain braised sea cucumber. lil' one okay now?

Anonymous said...

i like and desire to taste the foochow noodles and pasta...hungry lol..

Kong-Kay said...

i guess the restaurant's website is a waste of money - nothing more than a glorified slide show of flash. waste of resources.


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