Monday, October 27, 2008


Kolo Mee

This place is always packed to the brim for an out-of-town eatery, even on a Sunday afternoon where most places are closed. In its old days, when it was run by a bald-headed guy, it was its abundant selection of pork's part and poultry that could be added to your Kolo Mee that brought in the crowd. It was a monopoly then with one person owning the entire operation from rice to noodle and drinks. And the prices and portioning were attractive. Alas, those days were gone.

Nowadays there are more stalls of different varieties than you can count them, and some operates on revolving shifts. From a laid back shop on a sleepy strip, it sure has come a long way. And this is the place that the 3 layers Teh-C-Peng supposedly originates.

The noodle here has a generous serving of liao (meat, the works) on top; most of the usual suspects. However, roast or braised duck or braised pork (Loh Bak) is no longer on its menu. The dry and the soup version are equally good. If there aren't enough reasons to entice you come all the way to eat here, its market across the street is one; it's one of the better ones that are well stocked with fresh fish and local produce.

Mee Pok Soup


Iris said...

Oh gosh, how I've long for you my dear KOLO MEE! I miss Kuching.

Kong-Kay said...

come on over, and have a slurrrppping good time!

JustinKC said...

wahhhhhh cannot la like this. Havent take my dinner and see tiok this picture. hey the kolo mee pic very nice, the first one. 7th mile hmm....i never take mee over there yet. ill give it a try when i do have the time.

Kong-Kay said...

justine, it's about time yo change your lifestyle... according to government's recomendation; this is not kay-kong.

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy. Went there once but to a different shop. No post on your bbq pork liver yet?

Kong-Kay said...

not my computer with me to upload my raw photos... in the meantime bengbeng will provide you with some trailer.

Victor Kiu said...

i'm pretty hungry now! Ravenous!

Kong-Kay said...

pity you couldn't be with us the other day... next trip, perhaps, but that one would be a tight schedule.


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