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, sayur masak lemak
This is a follow-on from the previous posts... some people needs to "hold-hand" and "connect-the-dots" when it comes to derivative recipes... they are variations on a theme sort of thing. It's repetitive, I know, I thought I'd better show the in a series, so that the connection is clear for those following this blog.

The amount of vegetable used is entirely up to oneself - whatever your preference, add more or less; the amount shown below is just a rough indication. * Candlenuts is not used in this recipe, as it is taken as a watery sauce, thus the thicken is omitted.

Curry Paste

Milk From 1 Coconut

100 gm. Longbeans
100 gm. French Beans

2 Eggplants
1 Small Round Cabbage

50 gm. Shrimps
Sugar & Salt


Blend the curry ingredients into a paste, minus the candlenuts.

Cut the cabbage into large leaves, longbeans to 2" length, eggplants into chunks and bias the french beans.

Heat up 6 tbsp. of oil in a hot wok, and fry the curry paste until fragrant, and losing a bit of its moisture.

Put in the longbeans to fry, to coat and absorb the curry paste. Then pour in ½ a cup of the 2nd. press coconut milk.

Stir well for a couple of minutes. When the liquid is reduced, pour in enough just to cover the vegetable.

Season with salt and sugar. Dump the whole lot of cabbage, and mix well.

When the cabbage collapse and wither a bit, transfer the vegetables to a pot. Deglaze the wok with coconut milk, and pour into the pot. Finish off the rest of the 2nd. press coconut milk.

Simmer the vegetables over medium heat. Put in the eggplants and shrimps, and let it simmer for 10 minutes or so.

When the eggplants finally sink into the curry sauce, put in the 1st. press coconut milk, and bring the whole thing to a quick boil. Turn off heat, adjust seasoning, then serve.


Anonymous said...

Looks good...but u use curry paste? Any curry powder? Wouldn't that make it a vegetable curry then? Sayur masak lemak or what is called sayur lodeh does not make use of curry powder.

Kong-Kay said...

this one doesn't... however i sometime use it in lieu of termeric to give it a little color.

Anonymous said...

my curry veg not taste spicy enough, i instead the milk (coconut) with the normal milk only, coz i dun like conunuts taste...if not used curry paste can ?


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