Friday, October 24, 2008


I have reviewed this side-street stall, which is behind the Star Cineplex, before for its Kolo Mee... well, there I was a few nights ago having its 2-wontons bowl of noodle, and I noticed a white banner on its wall proclaiming the coming of an addition to its normal noodle dishes - TURMERIC RICE!!! That's spelled T-U-R-M-E-R-I-C, and mind you, not Y'nui K'nio Kay-P'ng! And that's why the stall is called Jane's Noodle, and not Ah Jan Kolo Mee... this girl knows her English. Yup, that's her in her pretty-in-pink apron! Back to the banner, and less banter... it said that the new offering would begin on the 18th. of this month. I was there on the 19th., a Sunday, and the stall was MIA... now you know, Sunday is its rest day. There I was again the evening after; still early part of the evening when she had just finished unloading the chicken and stuff from the car parked beside the curb.

On with the food... for starter, this is no different from your ordinary chicken rice. Instead of using Planta margarine to grease the rice and give it a yellow hue, turmeric is used here; however, there's moderation on its usage. The rice doesn't have a ghastly yellow color one usually associates with those Planta infused ones, neither does it have a greasy feel - fluffy with just the right touch of chicken flavor.

What can be said about the poached chicken? For a seemingly humble chicken that goes through the motion being doused with boiling water, what can possibly go wrong? Aplenty - from bleeding under-cook parts, to falling off its bits by way of being over-cook. Well, I can safely vouch that our 3 plates of chicken had none of the aforementioned. The chicken portion given is generous for its RM4 price. The chilli vinaigrette condiment isn't too shabby either.

The best part of the meal is the charred black porky bits that sit nonchalantly by the side of the chicken. What seems like pork steeped in spice broth and then grilled to give it a flossy texture is a bit like pork jerky without the dried-out jerkiness, but bursting with flavor that tempts you to take another step into the unknown in the first place. Why am I writing deliriously
so? Must be the Kong-Tau-Hoon kicking in!

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