Friday, November 14, 2008


When Kampua is the toast of the town, what can you say about a coffee shop that is ever popular and serves this defining 'pick-me-up'? Not a lot, especially when Kampua was the only game in town not so long ago. Like the Kolo Mee, it's over-rated for a dish that consists of noodle, lard, salt, msg, light soy sauce, fried shallots and green onions. Alas, it's akin to in praise of an older woman - Demi Moore, maybe - ages with grace with a boy toy thrown in.

One thing for sure, the Kampua here won't win any beauty contest with its no frill Char Sui - boiled pork loin with soy sauce coating for effect. That's the way it is for most of the Char Sui in town that accompanies the Kampua. Without any deviation from the set formula, there's not much that can go wrong with final result of the ubiquitous plate of noodle. Ditto with the chillied Pian Nik (Wonton). The generous sprinkling of the fried shallots garnish adds a dash of ooommph!

A vast improvement from the days of old is the addition of stalls serving other fares instead of a monogamous affair. There's one selling beef noodle, which is actually quite good compared to the one at the end of the street. If I'm not mistaken, there' s a Roti Canai stall too. So, if you're staying in one of the hotels around the area, this coffee shop is definitely one of the better choices.


Anonymous said...

I think I know this place. Mentioned it once when I had a post on Lady Cafe across the road. Demi Moore...with a toy boy! Gee! Must drop by one of these days to have a look. Hahahahaha!!! So kay-po! But I heard the kampua's good...and I quite like the beef noodles.

Kong-Kay said...

walau ai, only comment on my post as reciprocate... 3 in a row some more! there's no demi moore at the coffee shop... sorry to disappoint. i'm talking about the kampua.

Bengbeng said...

recently i discovered a place selling a form of kangkong jelly fish above the central market. no bad. they have been selling this signature dish for a very long time even before the central market was set up. u must try it some time or perhaps u oledi have.

Kong-Kay said...

haven't had that in sibu for quite sometime... next, next, next trip...


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