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Lemongrass Spare Ribs

When Sibu Bloggers praised Ruby to no end as if it's the best there is in town, I couldn't resist trying it out. I asked Ah Lee about the place, as I had no clue where the place was. Then he gave me a rundown of the place from its former owner, who had worked in Hong Kong, to him selling the place to the present owner, and then returning to open a place called Dynasty. Dynasty?!!! I thought I'd better try the original than the clone... and here we were, six of us, for a dinner at 7 p.m. This place is just next to the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank.

Tau-Ju (Fermented Bean Cube) Shrimps

When we arrived there were just 2 tables being occupied, and by the time we left, we were the last one to come in and leave. From the look of its menu, it has quite an extensive selection from the familiar local favorites to some exotic sounding ones. We went for the latter. It's no use treading on familiar grounds when you have a cook or two beside you who can whip out those in a blink of an eye. It's one of these eating sessions that I cherish where you have a discourse on the food before you, not so much to critique but attempting to divulge into its quotient through our taste buds, and hopefully one day you'll see it replicated in this blog. That's the joy of eating!

Deep Fried Bitter Gourd in Braised Sauce

If I'm not mistaken all the dishes ordered for the night had been earmarked as chef's specials. They sounded promising enough... even without any prodding from waitpersons... why waitpersons? Because a horde from the kitchen came out to entertain us as well on one particular dish... secret will be revealed!

The lemongrass spare ribs had the heavy citrus scent infused into its sauce. Worthy of its name. However, the Tau-Ju shrimps failed to live up to its reputation. There wasn't the slightest hint of the fermented beancurd piquancy; it tasted good, nonetheless.

When it came to ordering the vegetable, one was of the opinion of having a 'cooling' bitter gourd soup; bland and superficial - 3 against 1, and we opted for the exotic sounding one on the menu, and we asked for a description. That's when the chefs popped out with a couple of frozen fried stuffed bitter gourds for us to see. Now you know this one is not freshly prepared. Thus the texture of the gourd was a bit soft and limb, froze-bite fatigue. The braising sauce covered up any misgivings one might have of the earlier encounter. And any bitter gourd fearing person will have no qualm becoming an instant convert. There was hardly any traces of bitterness.

The lamb stew was quite good, and voided of any herbs used. The aroma of the meat spoke for itself, and lent a distinct flavor to the bland beancurd sticks.

Claypot Lamb

The good news about this dinner was that the food only came to RM40, inclusive of rice, plus RM30 for drinks; and the bad news was that the person who footed the bill left his 2 phones on the table, and realised it 5 minutes after we left. Despite the fact he called immediately, and also we were the last customers, they were goners. So was the PYT waitstaff he had the eye on; the moral of the story is... there is none.

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