Monday, November 17, 2008


Claypot Tofu

Having a name like Hong Kong Cuisine calls for close scrutiny, whether fairly or unfairly, because the connotation of the name brings high expectation. However, I think, its Chinese name is less ambitious, and its sponsored signage points towards that direction.

This is a family operation, and everyone is roped in to do their bits, the majority of whom are fronting the customers and in the line of fire. As with most unfamiliar places, I would be in my clueless mode and let them walked you through the best from its menu, even though I'd given it a once-over; rather let them fumble than me. The young chap taking the order failed miserably at his first attempt by our inquisition, and had to send in the sister as reinforcement. These were her recommendation...

Bitter Gourd Fried With Salted Egg

Sweet & Sour Pork

Fish Lips Soup

Fried Black Promfret Done 2 Ways

Shrimp Balls

... and our selection. The most expensive item ordered is what you see left and immediate top. We were cautioned that it costed RM3 a pop, just in case if we went overboard with that particular order. How good was the food? Let's just say a chef is only as good as its supporting staff... if they don't throw the switch, it matters not how brightly one shines.

The evening's meal came to
RM130 inclusive of rice and drinks for 7 persons.


Anonymous said...

Looks quite ordinary...and high in msg! RM130 for 7 is pretty ok...but if it isn't good, might as well go for kolo mee or other hawker delicacies!

Kong-Kay said...

it's not so much of taste of the food or its price... if you can get similar food at my neighborhood zi-char at lower price, would you pay more just because it has 'hong kong' on its label?


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