Monday, November 24, 2008


White Lady

When you've built a reputation for yourself, and decide to set up a new base in some unfamiliar territory, do you think the crowd will come? Well, it has paid dividend for this second outlet of the ever popular snack place at Jalan Nanas/ Rambutan. The same can't be said of a similar nearby outfit, which has a successful run at Saberkas. I think it pays to be mindful of who you put behind the counter preparing the food; some young punks or some old hands (even if they are not very good in the first place)... I think most people will go for the latter; it's a matter of perception.


So here I was on a Saturday afternoon with the blogger (still stuck in second gear) from Sarikei and 2 others. Being a guest in town, he still offered to pay... such generosity didn't go unnoticed, meaning I quickly withdrew my hand from the wallet and enjoy the freebies thrown this way. For RM18, this is what we got...


... a White Lady (a milky concoction with orange syrup) for the lady, a small Rojak (Shrimp paste salad), Matterhorn (Lime smoothie of sort), ABC (with everything under the sun), fried fritters with the usual suspects of shrimps, yams, sweet potato and tofu, and finally a Lai Chi Kang (a 'cooler' consisting a variety of dried preserved fruits). These are only the standard fares...

ABC (Air Batu Campur)

... there are still a lot of others knickknacks where these came from, judging from the long list of menu that it has. This place can be equivalent of Archie's Pop Tate's Chok'lit Shoppe... nice place to hang out without the usual cramps of a hawker's place seating arrangement, albeit you pay more for the niceties and ambiance.

Fried Shrimp Fritters, Yam, Sweet Potato & Tofu

Lai Chi Kang


SilverWingZ said...

Lol, since when you take this picture? They look nice

Kong-Kay said...

few weeks ago... one week before published date.

Frankie said...

they have open another outlet at 101 plaza now. My fav place. Still like it the old fashion way, cendol, red bean and santan!!! Yummy :)


Kong-Kay said...

isn't this the one?


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