Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The developer tries to promote this place as an eatery heaven, something along the line of the Quay ... it sure makes a lot of money for the developer, but the same can't be said for those who invested in the properties, or those managing eateries. It's a sorry state of affair for a downtown area; even diners along Jalan Padungan have seen better days. This is one such eatery that nestles among the handful of hopeful trying to find a niche in the foodies paradise.

The above paragraph is an abandoned piece I wrote ages ago for this place before some distractions came along the way. Probably the prophesy has been fulfilled as I saw this chicken rice stall having its own shop further down the road at Jalan Ang Cheng Ho. Whatever the case, this chicken needs some tendering before it wanders off elsewhere.

This may seem like one of those run-of-the-mill or an also-ran chicken rice franchise, but with the boss hovering around and cheerfully greeting the customers in his white attire, one's fear of getting slip-slogged type of food is assuaged.

What arrived at the table was a plate of clinically chopped pieces of tight sitting atop some sliced cucumber, boned and all, drizzled with sesame oil to give them a glisten (pulling out the camera before food was served certainly helped in getting the choicest cuts). The chicken fat/stock infused rice made the cut as having full-flavor and loose grains and void of the fat and grime. Its price is no more than the normal price one pays for a chicken rice. Best of all, it does take-out delivery, but not one or two packs, though.

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