Monday, December 15, 2008


This pit-stop apparently is popular with trades-persons plying the Serian-airport route. It's a single storey premises by the roadside in an unlikely place for an eatery. Even getting there is an inconvenience, unless you're coming from Serian or Bau-Batu Kawa direction; all else, one has to make a U-turn at the Mustapha/Perrinssen road intersection. Jln. Datuk Bandar Mustapha is the road leading from the Kenyalang flyover to 4½ mile Serian Road.

The place is almost packed with vehicles when we got there. Even though it has a spacious parking space, we had to park by the main road as there were cars parked there already. The coffee shop has most of Kuchingnites' breakfast favorites - ranging from Kolo Mee, Laksa, Kueh Chap, porridge and economy rice. I've yet to try the other stuff apart from the Laksa.

The yellow pladcad on the Laksa glass showcase says: Laksa - RM3.50, RM5 and RM6. I ordered special, thinking it must be the most expensive one. However, when the order came, it was RM5 per bowl... I wonder what the RM6 is like.

What came to the table wasn't a pretty sight in terms of presentation - sans coriander and not so pretty julienned omelette, plus there were residue from the Laksa gravy sticking onto everything; it's as if they scrapping at the bottom of the cauldron. It sure was an ample bowl of beehoon with generous looking shrimps; at most places one gets only 3 to 4 shrimps. For the acid test: the Laksa gravy borders on the also-ran to a notch above the herbie-scented- flavor scale... quite decent.

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