Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Gustosa Pizza

It was to be a night out to try some Italian food. Sadly, Casa Davide was nowhere to be found at its old place along Jalan Padungan. That's how we ended up here.

We had an order of Gustosa Pizza before the starters and main course arrived, even though there was a plate of hardy bread provided with olive oil dip. The pizza here is not something to be passed up for. The pizza was fired in the brass wood-burning oven done in kitchen island at the center of the restaurant. So one gets to see the going-ons if seated at its counter. The antipasto was also prepared here.

Its menu has fancy Italian named dishes, which nobody understands had it not been for the English description of what they are all about. Lucky for the printout on the check, I can piece together the Italian sounding dishes we devoured for the evening.

Antipasto Italiano

Despite all its Italian names, all we had were steaks and racks of lamb, and the non-pasta starter. I have photos for all the food except for the Tiramisu. The Mele Al Frono (top right) was the other dessert on the table - a baked apple with chocolate ice cream.

Agnnello Lamb Rack

Fiorentina 'T" Bone Steak

Vitello Steak With Black Pepper

Like I said before, this place is a quiet hideaway for a night out in a swank surrounding, with attentive service without the air of pomp and circumstance.


Food For Tots said...

What a sumptious Italian course! Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season and New Healthy Year! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, the bill come up to RM732.
Anyway, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kong-Kay said...

don't you wish the holiday is over so you can have a bit of quiet time to yourself? but then again, in another 15 years time, you'll cherish this as the best time to be had with the young ones.

Kong-Kay said...

have a nice holiday too, anonymous!

Bengbeng said...

Despite all its Italian names, all we had were steaks and racks of lamb, -> hahahahahahahah


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