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These two adjacent food courts, with different owners, are siblings separated at birth; they both share names with similar tones to them; A One Food Court and B Two Food court. They are co-joined by one umbilical cord, namely its seating area (which is actually an alleyway). They co-exist by allowing food from both sides of the border being served harmoniously. Most of the basic food items are almost identical on both sides, except for a few unique ones, like those two featured here.

They are from different sides of the border; the Cha-Kuek is from A One, while the Dian-Mian-Hu (Pan-Scrapped Noodle) comes from B Two. If I'm not mistaken, the Dain-Mian-Hu comes from the same line as the one at Expert's Corner, 4th Mile Penrissen Road. It lacks the cuttlefish. And the Cha-Kuek is too diluted with rice flour for its own good; a bit too soft, and lacking the white radish flavor too!

If there's something good to be had around here, please do let me know, anyone...?

Cha-Kueh (Fried White Radish Cake)


Aliciaks said...

this cha kueh is my favourite. It's nto radish cake. it's YAM. You can ask the uncle to fry it till it's crispy... I owes like it with the egg half cooked. Just say cha kueh with half cook egg.
try it XD

Kong-Kay said...

doesn't taste like yam to me. this place is way off my tangent, thus ocassional visits only.

Janice Dhing Woon said...

the laksa from both A1 & B2 are acceptable.
Curry chicken rice from A1 is good.
Philip chicken rice from B2 is good and portion is big.

Kong-Kay said...

duly noted, tq.

Anonymous said...

kueh chap is too best for me ...hehe...go A ONE

Kong-Kay said...

i guess it'll keep the swine flu at bay!


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