Monday, January 19, 2009


Steamed Parrot Fish

This is a relatively new eatery on the approach to Hui Sing Garden from Jalan Manshur. It's like a stilt house whose ground floor is converted into an eatery - rather spacious and airy. From its setup, it seems to have a bit of everything... from the usual Kolo Mee to economy rice and such. Then there is a stall or two (from the same family) selling Penang fare...

... it's the first stall as you enter the main enterance. It offers Penang Assam Laksa. There's a faint familarity to the lady maning (or womaning) the stall; she formerly had a stall at Xiang-Xiang Central Park, then she moved to Food Avenue, at which she's still there. I guess, she has one big family, being able to spread her assets around town.

The laksa tasted okay, however, the mint leaves were absent. We asked her about it on the way out, and was told Kuchingnites take a dislike to them and they are put in only upon request.

Fried Kampung Chicken With Ginger

Being a regular at Kwong Hup, my taste buds are attuned to its taste of fried koay teow, which is bestowed with ample garlic and chilli; thus I might be partial to this plate of koay teow/mee, which lacked a certain oomph, although in looks it meets all the criteria: big-flame frying and charred bits and all. Furthermore, it was a bit on the dry side.

One thing commendable about this particular stall is that the management has the sensibility to allocate a spot at the parking lot, about 15 feet away from the seating area proper, for all the frying activities. Most of the time, it's smokey; unless going to the office smelling like Eau-de-Koay-Teow is your kind of thing, one should approach the stall with a ten-foot pole.

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