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If you have the urge to run out to buy some durians or Ba-la-Bay (black olives)after reading this, don't! There are not in season now, as this eating session took place a couple of months back. As usual at this eatery, we tend to B.Y.O. tid-bits to go with the normal order from the house.

Business hasn't been that great for this eatery since they shifted here. Food is still the same though... bad fung-shui being adjacent to a Chinese temple, so they say... but some hog of a Lillian may beg to differ.

Soy Sauced & Sugar Marinated Ba-La-Bay

The chilled poached chicken with gizzards was pre-ordered a day ahead. Cooked just right without any ghastly bloody under-cooked bits - firm skin, tender meat; tasted every bit like the cold drunken chicken from Din Tai Fung, minus the alcohol. Yummilicious!

Chilled Poached Chicken

Looks like the next photo needs some exorcism of sorts... all the shots of the fish looked like it had gone into a fit of hysteria while the plate remained stationary. Possessed or not, the black beans and chilies brought out the devil of the crispy fried fish head.

Tau-Si (Black Beans) Pak-Ti-Poh Fish

The vegetable below is a hybrid grown locally - a cross between Kailan and Chai Sym; you get the best of both worlds. The plain fry with garlic brings an unadulterated fresh feel to the dish.

Garlic Fried Chieng Bao Chai

The last veg. is an eclectic mix of imported and local variety. Another simple fry as well.

Asparagus With Baby Corns & Mushrooms

If you' haven't noticed the sporadic Wednesday post, the Kong-Kay's kitchen is closed for the summer (Southern Hermisphere).


Food For Tots said...

The soy sauced & sugar marinated Ba-La-Bay is new to me. Is it a special dish in Kuching?

Kong-Kay said...

the local black olives is a seasonal fruit that comes out at about the same time as the durians. it's grown around the sibu (rejang river) region, not in kuching though. they don't sell it commercially in the restaurant. the recipe is in the index.
btw, i'll be at the lion's den for valentine's.


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