Monday, January 05, 2009


Fried Beef In Black Bean Sauce

This is a new branch to its original place at Jalan Pertama, next to Auntie's Corner. The connotation of a branch doesn't befit its physical size; it looks more like a big brother to its first outlet. The food for both places seem the same: one plate meal and a la carte order. We opted for the a la carte this time 'round.

Mama Shrimp

Its menu bears different prices for different sizes. It's advisable to order a lesser amount than the number of persons one has, because its portioning is quite generous. And its fixed prices are reasonable within the prevailing market price. Its service is quite commendable.

Fried Mani Chai With Egg

Steamed Tofu With Minced Pork Sauce

Hot & Sour Soup

There's no comfort zone here where you can eat and linger... it's basically an eat-and-run place, which satisfies the two Ps - palate and pocket. All its dishes are well done, with some dishes slightly different than other places. The most notable is the soup; it's Miso-like Soup with bits of ham, sea cucumber and tofu, not your regular Szechuan variety. The fried shrimps also stands out, being crisp on its skin, and fully flavored with its slightly sweet soy sauce.


daomingsi said...

Hi, may I know where is the location of this Yew Fook at Ban Hock? Thanks

Kong-Kay said...

it's near to shan curry and such, or if you enter thu' the old tsui hua lau, it's the block on the left, facing the main road.

My Food Adventure said...

I like this place too... their food standard is consistant!

Kong-Kay said...

food adventurer, since you're into baking, have to ask you this... is charcoal bamboo bread or any of its baked things available in kuching?

please email your baking specialties for order.

My Food Adventure said...

Charcoal Bamboo Bread is available at Taka ~ RH Plaza Branch. Do check with them cos I had mine in March.

My BAking Blog:


My Food Adventure said...

Sorry, typing error in my previous msg...

Kong-Kay said...

duly noted, reference link has been posted with the charcoal bamboo page.


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