Monday, February 02, 2009


I finally got a taste of this renowned shrimp noodle, having missed it last year. Furthermore, this is my second breakfast in half and hour; earlier I had Chow Chai Hung Ngan at Yong Siong Café, which wasn't up to par (you know how it is at holiday times).

When I enter the place I saw few patrons already lapping up the huge shrimps noodle. So I ordered one as well, Tom-Yam style. As I was making a beeline to the can, which was beyond the kitchen, the chef informed that Tom-Yam ain't happening that morning. I spied some freshly roasted pork belly all sliced up in a big tray in the prep. table; so I requested to have those in my noodle as well.

The noodle soup is cooked the chai-zi (fried then cooked) way; kind of different from the norm in that onion is used. Maybe my initial order of Tom-Yam noodle might have prompted the chef to toss in abundant chillies. Thus the soup had a thick (gluten induced) spicy hot strong shrimp-oniony flavor. I only had a sampling of the soup and few bite of the noodle plus the shrimp; it was good enough for me... someone siew-boi (wrapped up) for me - not just wrapped up, completely cleaned the bowl. Worth every RM15 of it.


babe_kl said...

so lucky to have such huge prawns!!!

Kong-Kay said...

yup, even the penang prawn mee has bigger ones than the genuine counterparts. you'd better come over to enjoy the cheap deals before export market catches on.

Anonymous said...

This is Jakar town, right?

The other famous one is in Sarikei downtown called Glory kopitiam, near terminal 2.

Daniel of Sarikei Time Capsule

Kong-Kay said...

dan, been there, done that.


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