Monday, February 09, 2009


Array Of Layered Cakes

You'll be forgiven if you thought the photos of the food seem like recycled ones from Hari Raya; at times like these (even recession bound), Chinese caterers are as rare as rocking horse shit. Then again would you expect the TuaPui (left, [result of having a Hainanese grandpa who cooked for the Ang Moh during the Colonial days]) to get up at 5 a.m. to cook all these stuff? I think not!!!

Speaking of TuaPui, this one easily takes the cake and usurps Suituapui's title. He's one of those dons who sees your children through the rite of passage to adulthood. If you want your children to mysteriously get on the wrong bus, plane or boat, and end up at the door steps of his camp, you don't have to look far for Mr. Fixit; and you'll be sure they will be in good hands. Incidentally, I picked up cooking tips on chicken chook (porridge) from him using roast chicken from the deli.

Curry Lamb

This was one of the 2 houses I visited this year; the other one was a Chinese New Year dinner. So, now you know what's required to entice a Tam-Chiak to come a-visiting.

Mixed Fried Vegetables

We arrived quite early, slightly after noon, before the motley crew of skinheads arrived. The food you see here were just the tip of the iceberg.... there was a lot more where it came from, stashed in the kitchen.

Beef Masak Hitam

House visiting used to be a privileged affair, confined to relatives and close friends; and if someone whispers into your ear to visit around lunchtime, you'd know there would be hot food to be had. But nowadays with open-house everywhere, you can wander into any house, and ask the host, " Who you?" That's why our front gate was firmly closed.

Curry Chicken

After this house, I was going to drop by another Tuapui's place. However, he was at the Outlaw's. C'est la vie!



suituapui said...

Hahahahaha!!! Very subtly put! Ah Pui helped me with my daughter's case too a coupld of years ago...!!! I went to Balkis 1st day of CNY as I had a Muslim visitor...and they said they did not have much that day as they were busy "cooking for the Chinese". Seems to be the trend these days - having the food catered for the open houses. I wonder of Ah Pui had the same caterer as the one where he works/ed?

suituapui said...

Oops...sorry had to go thru' the chore of paying respect to the elders...but I was home that night with a lot of food to offer (The outlaws came and finished a whole lot ot it) and the following night too, and there was quite a bit of leftovers (when Bongkersz and the rest came)...but you could not make it because of the flood! Another time perhaps, then!

Kong-Kay said...

it's one of those stressless cny this year. one house in sibu, and one in kuching.
tuapui said the same ploy cannot be put into operation this time. might weigh in on the new option again. didn't ask who the cater was.


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