Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Love is in the air... everywhere I looked around. This was a couple of days prior to Valentine's. The commercialization in this Chinese restaurant is no exception, as evident from the bouquet set-up.

We chose one of its set menu without having to fuss on what to order. It was a simple meal; minimalism at best, without a fancy footwork. Teochew, I presume. The bulk of the cost went to the crispy pork skin, the fish and the
shark's fin; but then, the rest of the dishes were no push-overs either.

Started off with a round of tiny cup of bitter Teochew tea to cleanse the palate before the start of the meal...

... then came the appetizer, in the form of crispy fried pork skin over a bed of pickled jelly fish.

A satisfying bowl of full-bodied shark's fin soup in rich supreme broth...

... followed by grilled shrimp with a subtle light sauce.

The double Chiok-Pan steamed with preserved mustard green, tomatoes and preserved plums marked the end of the seafood courses...

... to be trailed by 2 dishes of greens: browns to be exact; like the Nonya Chap Chai with a mixture of seafood..

... then the veg.: Simple Xiao Bai Chai poached in broth, garnished with fried garlic cloves.

The Lotus Rice is non-glutinous but done the same way as the Loh-Mai-Kai. It's a filler...

... the final cup of tea (a large cup this time), and it's not bitter this time 'round, to wash down whatever had been consumed.

A thick, rich bowl of Almond Soup capped the evening's meal.

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