Friday, February 13, 2009


This shop is not our usual meatball eat... but on this particular day, the place was not as packed as its usual self as we passed by, so we quickly parked at the nearest spot and grab a table. A change of eating venue was in good order. It's not that we haven't eaten here before, and the reason for not frequenting this place is its disorganized nature and the heavily MSG. laden soup and noodle.

It was only around 10 a.m. and they were running out of noodle. And we managed to order the last 3 bowls; that's how popular this little hut of an eatery is! The photo above shows the guy digging into the reserve of vermicelli after the supply of noodle was depleted.

We ordered mixed meatballs soup beside the noodle. However, what was delivered was just all meatballs; we requested a change, and this was what we got...

... I guess they were out of the N'go Hiang (five spice) ones. It was a mixture of pig's liver, meatballs and steamed meat slices. Well, it's a step better than the initial bowl. Seemed like old times, they made us quench for more... more water, that's it... the omnipresent MSG. (It's best not to temper with the status quo of a good recipe mix, or they might screw up the taste like I did on the recent request to have less MSG. at Yong Siong Café). Apart from this misgiving, the main attraction has still got all the attributes of what makes the meatballs as good as they were before...

... come to think of it, the meatballs taste better compared to Chin Chan Lee, whose
recipe has since been modified to suit the new economic climate.

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