Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was told there are only 2 locations where this American franchise can be found - one is at Raffles Avenue and the other one at Changi Airport. Since I will be leaving in a couple of hours' time, why not take in this Southern Comfort and check out what the fuss is all about?

From its menu, we selected the smallest, cheapest portion of the chicken available, because we were only sampling, and needed our pouches for later usage. The $3 chicken drummets fitted the bill, and probably represented its basic chicken recipe (that was the rationale).

The box of chicken came in 3 pieces of chicken wings chopped to resemble little drumsticks, and a small vat of chili sauce. The chicken were freshly fried or broasted, as there were no signs of oily stains on the box. As for taste, they were like chicken dipped in my home-marinade of soy sauce, sugar and pepper. Nothing extraordinary! And the chili sauce was the Thai sweet chili variety. It might be presumptuous to jump to conclusion that this is what the chicken is all about. But is it?

It was after the fact that I googled the franchise and found this; there's no a single strand of spinach in sight. I wonder what Popeye has to say about this. And its main fried chicken (crispy fried) looks nothing like what I had ordered. So I might be wrong in my assumption of its taste.


Jake said...

I've never seen Popeye's Chicken cooked that way. Of course, I always buy the 8 piece chicken box. Maybe that's a regional thing. Our chicken is well battered and deep-fried, like what you see in the chicken box on the menu. Popeyes chicken is the best chicken I've ever tasted! Thanks for posting the pics. Interesting to see the difference.

Kong-Kay said...

probably it's a regional thing, like kfc serving Portuguese egg tart, and mcdonalds serving spaghetti, or pizza hut putting out tom-yam pizza.

Rumour said...

Bro, from the pictures I assume you went to Changi Terminal 3 to have your popeye's meal? I just went there for the first time. Oh my god, those TINY little hawker food-court lookalikes are exactly the same as the ones in your pictures and worst, they tasted like overcooked KFC. Now, I have to tell you I had tried Popeye's at Terminal 1 and at SG flyer, and they are FANTASTIC no doubt. Great flavoured chickens, very tender and full of flavoured, and yes they were better, so much better than KFC. Now I am just wondering who is the franchisee of the Popeye's OVER ROASTED SPRINT CHICKEN at Terminal 3? It totally washed my taste buds off.

Kong-Kay said...

i guess you're not the one who spreads the rumor of how great popeyes' chickens are that got me trying them in the first place.

as a tourist i don't have the luxury to be wandering into those way,way off places unless there are a few things to do along the way besides eating.


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