Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Let me tell you a story... SWEE KEE is a very fine name indeed; so fine that Singapore's once most famous chicken shop was named thus. However, when the old patriarch passed on, so did its business not long after it had been passed on to the next generation. To capitalized on its famous namesake, someone resurrected the old franchise and add a prefix - SIN (NEW) - to its name. Along came another person who claimed to have some association with the original owner, probably sixth degree of separation; he has a shop called Old Swee Kee.

Whether it's 'Old' or 'New', they can't have the name of SWEE KEE. You can see the importance of the name, as these two shops clamor for a piece of the action. Whatever it is, both shop are located along the same street, but not on the spot where the original shop was at Middle Road.

Now comes my story...

Although we were at the Toy Museum earlier in the morning, we hardly noticed the Old Swee Kee was just next door. We doubled back during lunch time, saw the black banner, but we were looking for the Sin Swee Kee, as KC mentioned the new one was the better of the two over lunch yesterday. The shop is farther down the street, and with its huge canopy with its name imprinted, on can hardly miss it.

As the local-speaking waitress suggested, we had the $8 plate of chicken for 2. The first to arrive were 2 bowl of clear chicken; I quickly have a sip: Uh-oh! It was horrible - bordered on msg. and H
²O. Then came the rice and chicken. Although the photo paints a nice picture, in reality it's a different story altogether... it lacked the chicken flavor, minus the garlicky or gingery aroma. The rice had texture and feel of under-washed, rice-dust residual effect that still lingered at the walls of the mouth after being swallowed. As for the bone-blooded chicken, what more can I say? Except to compliment on its ginger/green onion condiment and the chili sauce. Even the unrated YY Kafei Dian easily beats this one on all counts. So what's in a name? Heck, I might as well join the fray by setting up shop selling chicken rice with my namesake (without the prefix)?


Anonymous said...

Gosh! That chicken rice shop is probably as old as me!...Or almost! Hahahahahaha!!! A must-eat in Singapore back in those days...a long long time ago...Thought I saw in some Singapore programme on AFC that it's no longer in business??

Kong-Kay said...

don't know what's the relationship of these two with the original... someone claiming to have worked in the original shop once upon a time.


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