Monday, March 23, 2009


I bet a lot of people doesn't associate this restaurant, which is better known for its chicken rice lunch, is famous for the the town's favorite noodle in its own right. It might seem most peculiar for a restaurant to serve such hawker's fare, but then there are a lot of dishes of mixed parentage that pass through its kitchen. Such is the forte of this restaurant - please-them-all-knock-them-dead-kinda menu! And it's the last of the old-school restaurant that is still standing.

We were here for the usual stuff - chicken rice, streamed fish, and the time something different: ching-chieng; well, that was the initial pre-order until they screwed it up with a plain old sui-yuk (roast pork belly). Despite aplenty of food before us, we ordered 2 plates of their kampua. Kosong! Sans char-sui.

With all the meat all around, who needs more meat on the noodle? Incidentally, that's the way they serve it here. (I hear, if you only order Kampua, they'll politely tell you that they've run out of noodle.) Might as well, one gets to taste the real deal without any other ingredients getting in the way. The raw noodle is the same as those made elsewhere in town, so what's so different about the noodle here?

The noodle is almost al dente (not soft like Ang Kow's) and has all the characteristics of the good old kampua. That's where the similarities end; I think 3 words describe the noodle best: Indomei Mi Goreng! If you've no idea what I'm talking about, head to your nearest supermarket or Chinatown and get a packet of this Indonesian made noodle, and you'll understand what I mean. In its original pack, it contains 3 sachets of chili flakes, fried shallots, seasoning plus a combo-packet of fragrant oil and
dark soy sauce. It's the seasoning and the fragrant (shallot) oil that makes the noodle stand out from the rest. That's what you get for the noodle here: same aromatic essentials to make it a delight. It makes you wonder whether they just use IndoMei's sachets (since there is [or was?] an IndoMei factory in town). Nah!!!


Clare said...

New Capital you say? I love the superhuge sio bee they serve. Maybe I should try the kampua kosong there next time I go back.

Kong-Kay said...

finally, someone from stp's chatroom shows up...
read the blog carefully before ordering your kampua kosong, and not be like beng beng who becomes ah beng.

Anonymous said...

This will make number 2 from stp blog/..chatroom. Talked to my sister last night and informed that you were my classmate...You are MCSK? Cheers from kpenyu.

Anonymous said...

Wei! My internet connection down, all the traitors moving to other blogs! The place aircon and the kampua gets cold fast, not nice in a matter of minutes! The terubok bakar there really nice, must pre-order.

Kong-Kay said...

now you know the loyalty of your kaki, hehe!!
end up at mitsui last night, kolo mee not open. then 100 yen but only grocery. so didn't bother you.


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