Monday, March 16, 2009


Pi-Pa Duck

As we were approaching this town (E.T.A. 1½ hours), I called Ah Tan to have him know that there would be 9 of us coming for late lunch, and requested him to reserve some duck for us... not just any duck, but Pi-Pa to be exact Despite traveling in a convoy of 3 cars with first-time companions, my estimation was pretty right on cue. Driving slower than usual and having had a late start didn't throw off our schedule; we all pretty much arrived in tact with only a failed air con. in one of the cars.

As usual Mrs. Tan was beaming to see us... more so this time to see another fellow Johorean in a small town in the middle of Sarawak, where Foochow forms the majority of the townsfolk (although Wil and Bonkersz might disagree).

Braised Chicken Feet

The crisply fried Pi-Pa duck was the first dish to arrive on the table. It seemed we had more than a duck from the look of the plate above (3 drumsticks sticking out). Next was the braised chicken feet, coupled with some pig's trotters for good measure. Someone who has a relish for such feet sure didn't take much of a feat to tuck in those chicken goodies in no time. That inviting plate of curry sure had its comeuppance. The curry leaves were tell-tale signs.

Curry Chicken

Another 2 plates of fried vegetables rounded up a delectable lunch. With the dragon fruit drinks and all, the bill came to RM70. With all the food in the tummy, my sense of direction was momentarily lost as I struggled to find the way out of town through the new bridge. Alas, a kid on motorbike from the housing estate was kind enough to guide me out of the maze.


Bengbeng said...

This looks so tempting n for only 70.00. It is really cheap if compared to Sibu. Discount the drinks n rice, you probably left with only 50.00 for the food.

Kong-Kay said...

you're right! the dragon fruit drink is RM2.50 each, so the drinks probably came to RM20.

Food For Tots said...

It's so cheap! Did they give u a special discount? I think we can only have 1/2 of the pi-pa duck over here.

Kong-Kay said...

no discount, i think... i never ask, just gave the mrs. tan RM100 (assuming that was enough), and RM30 came back with the remark drinks included already. i used to pay RM35 for the whole duck for take-away. come to think of it, probably the side dishes were on the cheap side.


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