Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, the cooking session is on again after a spell. To bring me out of the slumber, I've roped in a little help...

This step-by-step demonstration of frying beansprout is brought to you courtesy of Ah Lee's brother. I couldn't possibly do it and shoot at the same time without making it soggy. Speed and readiness of all ingredients nearby ensures a crisp and crunchy sprouts.


1 Plate Beansprouts

2 Stalks Green Onion

1 Chili (Strips)

1 Shitake Mushroom

10 gm. Salted Fish
4 Tbsp. Cooking Oil



Group together beansprouts (remove any water), chilies, rehydrated mushroom & green onions (cut in strips) on a plate.

Heat up the wok, then drizzle cooking oil around the it...

... drop in the salted fish. Fry for a few seconds, moving around to avoid burning. When its color starts to turn golden...

... throw in the minced garlic. Bring out its fragrance...

... dump in the entire content of the prepared plate of vegetable.

Swiftly toss the vegetable around to have them sealed and coated thoroughly.

Season with salt to taste...

However, you can mix the salt (1 tsp.) with the vegetable before hand. Give it a final twirl. The sprout will emit a bit of moisture on its on naturally.

... scoop out onto a plate and serve. Garnish with parsley.

There you have it, under 3 minutes!


Bengbeng said...

it doesn't look soggy as you say. but as for me, if i use salted fish, i omit the salt. same function

Kong-Kay said...

haven't had problem with my blood pressure yet. depending on the salted fish used, some are saltier than others.
english teacher, same advice as to your students, read carefully before making comments.


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