Wednesday, March 04, 2009


If you thought KLnites are shabby with their appointment-time, people on this island is no exception. A 7 o'clock dinner didn't start until eight-thirty, and there wasn't a minister among the guests, mind you. If there was any consolation, the dinner was refreshing change from the ones served in Sarawak in some of the dishes. Best of all, there wasn't any awful karaoke entertainment; instead there was a lone lounge songstress accompanied by a sole guitarist delivering soulful ballads. And of course there was the usual banter and Yam-Sengs.

All the names of the dishes were nicked from the menu slip (you think, I could remember everything?). Noteworthy items to watch are the shark's fin soup, the chicken, scallops and the noodle, which is the same as one we had the night before. The sprinkle on top of the chicken was what escaped me; can't put a finger on what the ingredients were beside sesame seeds. Excluding the dessert, 8 were the number of mandatory dishes. Judging from the portioning, I'm sure STP will have a fit; they were just enough to scrap by.

Lobster Combination

Braised Shark's Fin With Crabmeat & Chicken

Steamed Garoupa Hongkong Style

Poached Drunken Prawns With Herbs

Crispy Roast Chicken With Hot Sesame Sauce

Yin Yan's Fresh Scallop

Braised Sea Cucumber & Mushroom With Abalone Sauce

Braised ee-Fu Noodle With Mushroom

Chilled Cream Of Mango With Sago & Pomelo Sacs


Anonymous said...

Good grief! Even the noodles look like on eplate of kampua only! Hahahahahaha!!!! Have to go roadside stall after the dinner like that!

Kong-Kay said...

better eat at whatumaycallit place... i think you have to bring me there the next time.


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