Monday, March 30, 2009


After a dissatisfying Kampua breakfast near Li Hua Hotel, Ah Lee suggested something different for tea in the afternoon. He vaguely mentioned about char-sui (BBQ roast pork) wrapped in yam at a place that sells 'kuek' (sounds that one of those selling fried fritters to me). I didn't bother to prod further, after all if there is there is food to be had, just lead on!

So off to Rejang Park we went... this shop is by the main road, before the old cinema. You won't miss the maroon signage by a mile. There is parking at the back of the shop.

The top most photo shows the dough in its raw form, with the filling already packed inside. Those lumps are then deep-fried in a tiny fryer at the pedestrian walkway in front of the shop. The top 2 photo show them being fried and its finished stage... the Wu-Gok! It ain't Scottish Egg... a delicate specimen of crispy crusted dollop of a pastry. Crunchy to the bite, followed by a moist savory sensation of the yam (taro), and finally the sweet scent of the roast pork kicks in to deliver a Lee-San-Jiao (Bruce Lee's triple roundhouse-kick).

Best enjoyed when they are freshly minted, 8 in the morning and again at 2 in the afternoon. Although I never order these at Dim-Sum's place, but these hot ones fresh off the fryer tastes better, with its filling still hot.

Well, Wu-Gok isn't the only thing that they sell here; being a bread house, there is the usual array of doughy stuff that rises to the ocassion. And then there are Chinese Sui-Baos with assorted fillings (sugary butter, red beans and Char-Sui) and the Malaysiantric Curry Puff (Somosa), which they call Curry-Kak (as in corner). They are all equally good...

... as the customer (below insisted on having his photo taken) was so willing to endorse the product with the pointing finger and the thumb-up gesture. Cheesy as it may look, but it certainly is one notch up from the normal thumbs-up routine.

I used to bring curry puffs and Wu-Gok from Chong Chon Biscuit Maker at Kai Joo Lane, Kuching whenever I come visiting. But with such fine treats here, I'll be sending coal back to Newcastle.

Hey, Ma, this is another Kong-Kay moment!!! Between 3 of us, we had 7 Wu-Goks, 2 Curry-Kak, 1 BBQ pork Sui-Bao, 1 red bean and 1 butter, plus 2 Wu-Gok to go. Thank you Mr. Ling! (I hardly met you.)

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