Friday, April 10, 2009


Fried Crabs

It was one of our exploratory nights; the lady, whom we call Ta-Jie (Big Sister) at the Esplanade Seafood, has moved camp together with the chefs to the new food court at Everwin behind the Bus terminal. The Zi-Char at the very corner of the food court had just started business, and there wasn't any sign indicating its existence, even though there was a blank slate of a signage. I was told that it would be called Everwin Chang-Tien, which is loosely translated as 'Everwin Diner'.

This is the very food court that STP "Hiam Ka Bo Chee Tay Ho" (cursed until there's no redemption) for its lousy food and service. We didn't encounter any problems with the drinks order; however, the waiting time for the food was another story...

Claypot Chicken With Salted Fish

Steamed Big-Headed Shrimps

Sweet & Sour Spareribs
Fried Sea Cucumber With Mixed Vegetable

Tau-Cheo Fish Fillet

Fried Shrimps With Brocoli

Butter Shrimps

Curry Fish Head

Steamed Cod

Filipino Pig's Trotter

... heck, no! We didn't eat all of the food you see above; it so happened that it was press night to showcase the kind of food they serve. You see member of the press corps with her sophisticated equipment (left). From your outfit, Yan?

The kitchen was pushing out all those food first before tackling our order; what you see below. I hate to put the food in a bad light, but we were literally sitting under some funky lights by the sidewalk next to the kitchen; hence, the unsavory photos below. The crab we had was a promotional item (at cost). They are local Sarikei's crab - better than the Sabah's crabs that are served few doors down.

Our RM19 Fried Crabs

I don't take too kindly to pig's trotter, where it's slimy at its hoof; but this is an exception, because the whole leg is fried to a crisp, and I found myself sucking at its end like a fetish to Duchess of York's toes. Our leg wasn't as presentable as the one above as Ta-Jie had taken the trouble cut it up for our convenience.

Our Cut-Up Pig's Trotter

Having lost my Butter Kailan photos of my visit to Nice House, I casually asked Ta-Jie if the cook could whip out one. Easy-peasy, she said. True enough, it was nice looking and tasting one (below). All the niceties of a butter shrimp's taste minus the guilt, in a way, but I'm sure Dante wouldn't be so forgiving.

Butter Kailan

The last of our dishes was the bitter gourd. Notice the funky-looking salted egg yolk? It ain't round... and the sprinkle of century egg bits added a nice contrast of color and texture. The 4 items with rice came to RM60 for 4 persons.

Fried Bitter Gourd With Salted & Century Eggs


suituapui said...

Correction: I said the food wasn't too bad - just a bit more expensive compared to other places (the drinks too). It was the waiting time that I was ranting about. I didn't try anything from this Big Sister (Reminds me of those fruit cakes in tins from the UK!) friend of yours! Hahahahaha!!!

Kong-Kay said...

big sister = fruit cakes?

MeRy said...

I came across this dining plc from newspaper n yet to try it out myself.They looks yummy!!!

Kong-Kay said...

they are yummy, but certain dishes have to be pre-ordered.


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