Friday, April 17, 2009


At long last, Ghim Eng's Loh Mee is back!!! The last time I had it was way back when she had her sister working with her; with her doing the frying, and her sister preparing the Loh Mee.

Being a lone ranger has taken its toll at the old place at the center of CBD. And now at the new venue, business hasn't quite found its bearing; so she has more time at hand to dish out the Loh Mee. After all, the Loh part, which consists of braised pork and eggs, is cooked way ahead. And the only cooking part that is required before serving is boiling the noodle, kangkong, taupok (fried tofu) and the Loh T'ng (soup).

For those of you wanting to keep vampires or the office Ham-Sak at bay, you're well advised to request for extra dollop of minced garlic on your noodle, or even the chili sauce too! It not only brings the 'Oomph!' to your Loh Mee but to social life as well. You'll be the talk of the town!


Peter said...

Nice blog abt food. I enjoy reading r blog and my my i sure miss all food eventhough i hv take all my 3/4 of meals outside.BTW did u ever try the Sabah Mee in kuching at Sin Heng Yong at Jln Kwong Lee Bank opposite Hock Seng Lee office. Give it a try when you r back in kuching.

Kong-Kay said...

don't think i have on the sabah mee. 1st block on the left or the last block on the right?
it's off my beaten path, i'll try when i go shopping for my salad veg. in the area. do you belong to the scooter gang with ah sim?

Peter said...

Yes,i am with the scooter/vespa gang.Are you talking abt Wilfred or normally people call him 'Ice Cream' who is operating Sunny Hill Ice Cream shop? I did mention to Sim ( if we talking abt the same fellow) that i saw his pic in your posting when you on the way from Kuching to Sibu.
I was in Sibu fOR CNY for abt 3 weeks and it was raining and flooding everywhere.Even the BOMBA in the town centre was also flooded.

Kong-Kay said...

met sim 2 nights ago at sunny hill. he vaguely mentioned a peter. so i put 2 and 2 together... so where's that coffee shop? 1st or last one?

Peter said...

the coffeeshop is the last one on the right hand side. People use to call the owner 'The fat man with big tv'. The stall is the last at the side entrance operated bt a young man.

MeRy said...

Nice food. I love eating Loh mee too...Jz wondering whr is this cafe??

Kong-Kay said...

just after catholic high school, in front of the next traffic light, the corner shop. there's a used car shop next door.


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