Thursday, May 21, 2009


Roast Pork Belly

I don't know if I've got the locality of the state correct or not, but I hear my friend mentioning going to KiLumpor from here, which is about a 15 minutes drive from here; so I assume this is not within the vicinity of the city's boundary.

Anyway, I'm putting up with my Friend, Foo, who lives and works at this place. So lunch is just around the corner (actually we have to take the car), within a housing estate. He describes this place as having good roast pork belly, and popular with the crowd.

Char-Sui (BBQ Pork) With Chicken

The place is filled with the lunch crowd , alright. We have an order of roast pork belly, with BBQ pork and chicken (I think, it's poached). I reckon they have a price coding for the plates, because they come in separate (half-filled) plates, which make it look pathetic. The roast pork belly is indeed crisply good; the BBQ pork above average, and the chicken is forgettable (hey, I can't remember whether it's poached or roasted). I don't know the price paid for the meal.

I remember remarking to this friend once that operating a food stall in the city is a guaranteed success due the huge influx of customers. But it ain't necessarily so, he says.


albusperi said...

Kong Kay, have you tried the RM2 chicken rice at the shop very near the Sg. Maong morning market? It's nothing to shout about, but for RM2, cannot complain liao.

Kong-Kay said...

yes, i have. somehow, it tastes different... i'd rather pay a bit more to have some wholesome chicken!

albusperi said...

Yeah. Have you tried the one at Siang Siang, opposite Chung Hua Primary School No.4? The guy is said to be a West Malaysian. I like the chili sauce. It's different from the one you get at other chicken rice place.

Kong-Kay said...

orede! good but have to put up with the long wait.

Big Boys Oven said...

Hi Kong Kay, Thanks for dropping by my blog, wow! you got so many interesting and lovely post!

Kong-Kay said...

same to you too. now you've got a make-over, looking forward to more adventurous posting from you.

thenomadGourmand said...

hi hi! nice layout u got here for ur blog. I work nearby Sg besi but i didnt know abt this place! thks for the recom!

Kong-Kay said...

your blog's not too shabby too... i've to thank my friend, foo, for leading me to this place.


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