Friday, May 01, 2009


Butter Shrimps

Forever looking for cheap eats, I tend to stick to the no-name Zi-Char, and steer clear of those air-conditioned spiffy ones. Having been invited to his hideaway once, we decided to make a return trip...

... I said 'hideaway' because this restaurant is located at the back potion of the Stutong's commercial stretch, behind AmBank. One wouldn't have known there's life behind the glitzy frontage. Like a Susan Boyle, its quiet demeanor belies a bubbly set of menu eagerly waiting to bust out.

Batter Fried Soft-Shell Crabs With Salted Eggs

The first dish out of the block was the butter shrimps; all nicely decked out in the noodle basket... not the usual butter shreds, but heavenlly scented all the same! They didn't have fresh crabs that night so the soft shell crabs was a substitute. Nice though. Crunchy on the outside, moist inside.

Sam-Pei-Chee (3 Cups Chicken)

For all its worth, the chicken dish would have been dandy without the heavy garnish of the basil leaves. Sinfully good with its 3 ingredients, and the basil infused sauce added a lil' piece of heaven in scentsorama. Lastly, the ever-present midin (must-have for foreign guests) in all its wondrous glory.

Fried Midin With Belacan

When the bill finally came, it was a mere RM60 for a dinner for 4, inclusive of drinks and rice. It's as cheap as the open-air-no-frills zi-char but with better ambiance, even though we were sitting alfresco at its 5-foot walkway, next to the kitchen.


belle said...

Next time try the curry fish head. This place is packed every night. Brought pollie here when she was in kch

Kong-Kay said...

hello, hello, hello! your name doesn't ring a bell... 'though the name of pollie gets mentioned in stp's blog.
if the head isn't too big, i'll give it a go. you know how much can one eat? unless the girl who lives next door is giving a treat. are you listening in, clare?

belle said...

gundot lah. For RM20 it is enough for my family of 3. I usually tapau. Those lazy to cook days!

Kong-Kay said...

going by so many pseudonym, who knows who you are? judging by that price, i think it's not a biggie.

My Food Adventure said...

The Curry Fish Head pot for Rm20 Was a "GIANT POT"!!
We had it Last night and need a Double comfirmation from the waiter that Giant Pot Was indeed their "Smallest" portion!

Kong-Kay said...

so it's true what gundot said about the fish head. guess will have to take a long trip one of these nights.


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