Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is one of the cheap eats in town. For $7, you get a 15 pieces of poached dumpling, Sui Jiao. And it comes with one bowl of peanut chilli sauce, which is a dip. For that they don't skim on ingredients either. The dumplings are fully packed with meat, not more vegetable and others ratio, and it's of average moderate size. They taste great without the overpowering flavor of the chives used, and yet you don't the feeling of overstuffed with meat as you bite into them. The dip is not hot despite the presence of chilli - it's more like a thick broth with peanut paste and chilli in it. It's a great compliment to the dumplings.

The cafe is just 4 blank walls painted lime green, and with highlights of its menu in cycadellic colored papers pasted on the wall - that's minimalist art for you! It's self-service when it comes to drinks. You just help yourself to the free tea provided in the large tea canister sitting on top of the utensils table by the main entrance (below right).

Finding this place may be tricky as it's listed as Lt. Bourke St. on the net, but is actually on a lane off that street. It's opposite Target, and right at the end of Sambal Kampung and Kimurakan (previous eats).

A word of caution, my niece was mugged on this lane in broad daylight - not alone but with a couple of friends. She hasn't eaten at this place since.


Food For Tots said...

I still prefer the local sui kow with water chestnuts which are bigger in size. They give me more satisfying stomach! ;)

Kong-Kay said...

the mainlanders seem to have a panache for chives; they take them in abundance, even just plain fried with oil.
how does one differentiate one type from the other dumplings, as the skin and fillings overlap? the other day i had chilli-oil wonton that has a filling of the sui kow, but with a thicker than normal wonton wrapper skin.


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