Monday, June 08, 2009


Lettuce Cup Delight

Through the wonders of the net and STP's chatroom, I was able to connect with someone I hardly knew, and found someone, not lost, but somehow misplaced... Stella & Simon Le Bon. After chatting over the phone with Simon for the first time in years, he suggested dinner at his place and Stella will cook up something the following weekend. For the whole week I waited with anticipation of finally meeting the family and tasting the food Stella so much mentioned, in passing, in the chatroom. And this was what we had...

... the first to arrive was the lettuce cup - beautifully executed lettuce with minced pork filling. San Choy Bao was beyond words that I had my hands trembling; reason for the blurry photos. And I was the last one to clumsily finish my bits of fallen morsels.

Steamed Scallops with Fermented Black Beans

Then came the lightly black beans flavored steamed scallop. Savored the freshness of the scallops while being teased with pungency of the black beans.

Sauteed Prawns with X.O. Sauce

I guess they don't name the sauce X.O. for nothing. Although it smells awful in its natural state, but when coupled with Pan fried butterfly prawn stuffed with freshly minced prawn paste, onion & mushrooms, its flavor comes into its own.

Pan-Fried Barramundi With Snow Pea & Mushrooms

Seared on the skin while maintaining a soft silky textured flesh on the inside, and moistened with its light sauce, this local fish rivals any of the Sarawakian more expensive varieties.

Seared Rib-Eye Steak

Lastly the pan-fried tender rib-eye steak with oyster sauce rounded up the evening with a simple accompanying fried rice.

It's the meeting of Simon and Stella (someone old, someone new) that counts... we had the rest of the evening yakkatty-yak over coffee at Crown, way past midnight. Thanks for the revival, guys!!!

Yangzhou Fried Rice

If the dishes here display startling similarities between those from Man-Mo, they are not purely coincidental.

42 NewQuay Prom


babe_kl said...

where are the rest of duran duran's band members??? :P kekeke

Kong-Kay said...

can't show any photos, but can assure you they have all aged gracefully, or as they say, remain forever young!

Anonymous said...

It is our pleasure to meet up with you esp.for Le Bon. Bet u r 'hungry like a wolf' when we pik u way past the appointed time! Sorry! Will have to brush up my culinary skills be4 I dare to cook for you!LOL! I tot the crown security guards were going to ask for your ID when we walked in,so take that as a compliment!Hehehe... It is wonderful for us to catch up with u n 4 me to put a face to a name!

Kong-Kay said...

you're not the only one... babe_kl thought i'm some student on the way the school.
now you know kong-kay is not "haggling over price".


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